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Is There Water Available On Mars?

Mars Exploration

Round Pebbles On Mars

There has been a debate going on for long on whether or not there is water in Mars. But, this question seems to be leading us more towards the answer that Mars definitely has water as now the Curiosity rovers have discovered smooth and round pebbles on the surface of the Mars which indicate that water seems to be flowing across the Mars’s surface. The smoothness that is seen in these pebbles suggests that these small rocks might have rolled and bounced along in a stream that could be about 4 inches and 4 feet deep. This is what the scientists feel after seeing the smoothness on the pebbles.

Pictures From Mars Rover
Mars Rover did click a lot of pictures of different areas on the Red Planet where there was a good concentration of pebbles. On close examination of these pebbles, the size and shape of these pebbles indicate to researchers that the stones might have traveled long distance sin water in order to attain such round shapes. It is also thought that the pebbles were part of a very old and ancient riverbed. These rocks were found just near the Mars Rovers curiosity’s landing site that is between the base of Mount Sharp and the northern rim of Gale Crater.