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Will Education Help In Conservation Of Natural Resources ?

conservation education

We know that the population of our planet is increasing at an alarming rate and soon it will reach the 10 billion mark. For the survival of the people we need the natural resources. The demand for food and energy will be more year after year. So, it is necessary for the conservation groups to adopt necessary strategy to conserve the natural resources. According to the available data and lessons learned from the work of conservation groups including nature conservancy, it is clear that education is the best strategy for conservation, especially educating the young women from the developing countries of the world.

The Examples
It will be difficult for most conservationists accept the fact that education can aid in conservation. The nature conservancy’s Africa program tried to conserve a vast forest area on the western boundary of Tanzania. This area contained the Mahale Mountain National Park. This area had a good population of wild animals including elephants, chimpanzees etc. The project area also covered a great portion of Lake Tanganyika which is famous for the biodiversity. Most of the people in this area were dependent on farming and fishing and hence there were complex land and water conservation issues. A survey conducted on 50, 000 people in the area, on the socioeconomic issues showed that about 49 % of the population were under 15 years of age and the average household size was 6.7 which is highest in the world. The under –age-five mortality was highest here.