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Collaboration Of Industry, Academic And Government Could Be Game Changer For Economy

Collaboration Of Industry, Academic And Government

With the rapid progression of technology advancement, it is arguably that innovation is vital for the economy progress. There is much research going on in different universities across a range of different subjects like material science, renewable energy, medical technologies and the Big Data. If we need to ensure that innovations grow into commercial products that have the capability to create jobs as well as services, collaboration has to be sought out between the government, the industry and the academia for the innovation process.

If this succeeds then it will certainly prove to be a game changer for a country.

The federal government has a key role to play in the funding of basic research and to align it with the needs of the public while the private industry has the primary responsibility to deliver as per the federal investment. For the universities it is crucial to move the discoveries and the ideas from the game house to the real world in order to fulfill their mission and to make way for a successful future for the university.