Curbing Sexual Misconduct in the Military – Does the Check Sufficient ?

military sexual misconduct

Sexual Acts In Military
America seems to be really worried with the current rate of sexual assaults that is taking place in the American military. There are quite a lot of sexual misconducts that have been reported of late and the Congress is bent on brining in more stringent rules and laws in order to curb sexual misconduct by military persons in America. Each of the armed services of America pretty well knows the grievous situation and is also trying to bring in a lot of reforms in order to curb these unruly acts. There have been quite a lot of high profile sexual assault cases that have come out in the open recently and this has made the Pentagon sit up and notice and get deep into the matter in order to check out and conduct a survey to know how many people have been victims of such assaults. The Pentagon has come out with a statement that only a fraction of the 26,000 soldiers who have been victims of the various kinds of sexual acts have come put in the open to report about the crime that was meted on them last year.

Reporting Sexual Violence
The first and the foremost thing that America is looking to do are to provide a congenial environment for the victims to break their silence and to report such matters then and there without any fear. The Government is looking at various ways that will help the victim to easily report about sexual acts or violence or harassment committed on them by military higher ups. Most of the victims who have reported such sexual acts committed on them have had to face some other type of vengeance. So, the foremost thing is to drive out the fear from the minds of these sexual assaults people and give them a platform where they can come freely to express their problems. If the opportunities of trust and commitment to justice are offered by the Government, then you can see a huge jump in the number of people reporting on the sexual assaults on them in the military.

Would Genetically Modified Salmon Get FDA Approval?

GM Salmon

The Case Of Genetically Modified Atlantic Salmon
The scientists from Canada have conducted a study on the potential risks of transgenic salmon escaping into the wild. The new study has found that the genetically modified salmon can cross- breed with fishes that are closely related to the species. One such species capable of cross- breeding with transgenic salmon is the brown trout. The genetically modified fish will have genes engineered to make them grow quickly. The crossbreeding will pass on these engineered genes to the offspring. The biotech company AquaBounty, is creating the salmon and according to the company the risks are negligible as they are producing female sterile fishes and they would be kept in tanks built on land. The transgenic salmon will be the first genetically modified animal which will be approved for consumption by humans.

The Growth Of Hybrids
In natural conditions the salmon will occasionally produce offspring with brown trout

Is There Water Available On Mars?

Mars Exploration

Round Pebbles On Mars

There has been a debate going on for long on whether or not there is water in Mars. But, this question seems to be leading us more towards the answer that Mars definitely has water as now the Curiosity rovers have discovered smooth and round pebbles on the surface of the Mars which indicate that water seems to be flowing across the Mars’s surface. The smoothness that is seen in these pebbles suggests that these small rocks might have rolled and bounced along in a stream that could be about 4 inches and 4 feet deep. This is what the scientists feel after seeing the smoothness on the pebbles.

Pictures From Mars Rover
Mars Rover did click a lot of pictures of different areas on the Red Planet where there was a good concentration of pebbles. On close examination of these pebbles, the size and shape of these pebbles indicate to researchers that the stones might have traveled long distance sin water in order to attain such round shapes. It is also thought that the pebbles were part of a very old and ancient riverbed. These rocks were found just near the Mars Rovers curiosity’s landing site that is between the base of Mount Sharp and the northern rim of Gale Crater.

Carbon Dioxide Levels In The Atmosphere Are At Alarming Levels

Carbon Dioxide Levels

High Measure Of Carbon Dioxide Gas

There has been a steady increase in the amount of chief greenhouse gas called Carbon dioxide released in the atmosphere for quite some time now and this is a phenomenon that is seen in most of the major countries of the world. Scientists and researchers are now saying that the carbon dioxide levels in the atmosphere have hit a new high which has not been seen by humans so far. They fear that the release of these poisonous gases in the atmosphere will also help in the increase of global warming and the world will never be a safe and secure place to live in for future generations.

Recording In Hawaii

Why The Audiences Are Still Scandalized With Stravinsky’s Ballet Even After 100 Years?

Art Cognition

The Paris Premiere

Stravinsk’s ballet made its premiere on May 29th 1913 in Paris. This ballet created a riot as people believed that it is a terrifying act. It was opened to an audience in the new art-nouveau auditorium at the city’s Théâtre-des-Champs-Élysées. From that day “The Rite of Spring” has become a legend. This premiere was well attended by high-society ladies, the gentlemen, the critics, poets etc. it was an era of unmatchable art, music and literature. This premiere witnessed the most scandalous scandal in the history of art.

The Riot
The witnesses of the violence that took place at the premiere of the ballet give different accounts of what had happened. According to witness objects were thrown to the stage and blows were exchanged. Vaslav Nijinsky was the choreographer of Rite of Spring and people was pre-disposed to be outraged. Some people said that the trouble started as soon as the overture and the bassoon melody started. Police arrived on the scene and more than 40 people were arrested. The reason for the anger of the audience is not yet clear.

Social, Eco, and Economical Effects Of Late Spring Season

spring blooms

There are reports that the United Kingdom is going to face its coldest spring after a long time and there are quite a lot of consequences that will take place because of this late spring. There are quite a lot of unexpected things that will be unfolding in the United Kingdom this year due to the late spring. The following are some of the consequences that the United Kingdom and the people of the UK would need to face this cold spring.

Lack Of Feed For Birds
The late spring will mean that the hungry birds will not be having the insects of their choices to feed on. The cold weather will in no way help the migratory birds as well which have flown from different countries expecting spring in the U.K. Now, they might have already lost quite a few pounds of weight due to the long journey and to make matters worse later spring this year means less available food and insects. There is also every possibility for the bird mortality rate to be higher this spring. There is also going to be an adverse effect on the bird population this spring as only a good summer will be able to bring nature back to its good old self. This delayed and cold spring will do no good for birds that thrive in open nests and the young ones in these open nests could die due to bitter spring cold.

Reintroducing Nature In Overcrowded Cities

city nature

There is no doubt that the urban cities in this world are the best place for survival for a lot of species in this world and it is important for every citizen living in this planet to bring in natural habitat and species back into the city through innovative and modern tactics.

Overcrowding Cities
There are quite a lot of people who are now migrating from the rural areas across the globe to the urban areas for a variety of reasons. Most of the people from the rural areas are flocking the cities for employment and for better living conditions. But, what this is doing to the cities is that they are slowly getting overcrowded. Cities have been built entirely by human force and intervention and nature does not play any part in developing and building cities. It is all the manpower and man minds that build cities and what this does is that it takes away the sheen that the nature and wood has provided this world.

Invasion Of Nature