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How The Economic Changes Are Affecting Population Growth Rate?

ulation GrowthPopulation Growth

According to the earlier estimation the world population was expected to reach 8 billion by the year 2023, however some recent studies made by the university of Missouri show that the global fertility rates are reducing faster and there will not be the expected growth in the population. The changes in the economy are affecting the family size and it is slowing down the population growth according to the study. This study was funded by the National Science Foundation.

Mary Shenk, assistant professor of anthropology at the University of Missouri attributes this reduction in fertility rate to high educational attainment of people, increased employment opportunities the shifting of people away from agriculture and improved standard of living. It is expected that by understanding the cause of the reduced birth rate, it is possible to design new policies to influence better fertility. This will result in reduced competition for water, food land etc.

Will there be enough FOOD in the future ?

food sources

Problems In Food Production
What is to eat will be the big question faced by billions of people in 2050. The crop failures due to droughts, floods and diseases are reducing the availability food. People all over the world are concerned about the sources of food. The growing population makes the scenario even worse. Agricultural industries are already facing great pressure to meet the demands of the market. Agricultural experts are trying to make farming sustainable. The history of mankind shows how the unscrupulous use of resources caused the failure of agricultural revolutions. About 11, 000 years ago the Middle East area had huge cultivation of wheat due to the irrigation facility. The practice of mono-crop and over dependency for water to survive caused desertification and the civilization failed.

The Future Problems

Would Genetically Modified Salmon Get FDA Approval?

GM Salmon

The Case Of Genetically Modified Atlantic Salmon
The scientists from Canada have conducted a study on the potential risks of transgenic salmon escaping into the wild. The new study has found that the genetically modified salmon can cross- breed with fishes that are closely related to the species. One such species capable of cross- breeding with transgenic salmon is the brown trout. The genetically modified fish will have genes engineered to make them grow quickly. The crossbreeding will pass on these engineered genes to the offspring. The biotech company AquaBounty, is creating the salmon and according to the company the risks are negligible as they are producing female sterile fishes and they would be kept in tanks built on land. The transgenic salmon will be the first genetically modified animal which will be approved for consumption by humans.

The Growth Of Hybrids
In natural conditions the salmon will occasionally produce offspring with brown trout