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Scientific And Technological Enterprise – The Right Tools For Prosperity?

Scientific And Technological Enterprise

The administration of a country should be in the right hands to lift the country from economic problems and lead it to prosperity. They should understand that science and technology is the tool to achieve prosperity. The growth of the U.S economy after the World War II was mainly due to its advances in the field of science and technology.

It is necessary that the administrators while giving the support to big companies should also consider the needs of small businesses as well. For example president Barack Obama has tried to rescue the car makers in Detroit from facing bankruptcy, but, the effort done to achieve this will be wasted unless the small auto parts manufacturers are not competitive enough. These manufacturers need necessary technical information to produce competitive products to meet the need of the market. The government should support the National Digital Engineering and Manufacturing Consortium which is providing these manufactures the information on technology through the Purdue university and through the Supercomputer center in Ohio.

Why The Audiences Are Still Scandalized With Stravinsky’s Ballet Even After 100 Years?

Art Cognition

The Paris Premiere

Stravinsk’s ballet made its premiere on May 29th 1913 in Paris. This ballet created a riot as people believed that it is a terrifying act. It was opened to an audience in the new art-nouveau auditorium at the city’s Théâtre-des-Champs-Élysées. From that day “The Rite of Spring” has become a legend. This premiere was well attended by high-society ladies, the gentlemen, the critics, poets etc. it was an era of unmatchable art, music and literature. This premiere witnessed the most scandalous scandal in the history of art.

The Riot
The witnesses of the violence that took place at the premiere of the ballet give different accounts of what had happened. According to witness objects were thrown to the stage and blows were exchanged. Vaslav Nijinsky was the choreographer of Rite of Spring and people was pre-disposed to be outraged. Some people said that the trouble started as soon as the overture and the bassoon melody started. Police arrived on the scene and more than 40 people were arrested. The reason for the anger of the audience is not yet clear.