Curbing Sexual Misconduct in the Military – Does the Check Sufficient ?

military sexual misconduct

Sexual Acts In Military
America seems to be really worried with the current rate of sexual assaults that is taking place in the American military. There are quite a lot of sexual misconducts that have been reported of late and the Congress is bent on brining in more stringent rules and laws in order to curb sexual misconduct by military persons in America. Each of the armed services of America pretty well knows the grievous situation and is also trying to bring in a lot of reforms in order to curb these unruly acts. There have been quite a lot of high profile sexual assault cases that have come out in the open recently and this has made the Pentagon sit up and notice and get deep into the matter in order to check out and conduct a survey to know how many people have been victims of such assaults. The Pentagon has come out with a statement that only a fraction of the 26,000 soldiers who have been victims of the various kinds of sexual acts have come put in the open to report about the crime that was meted on them last year.

Reporting Sexual Violence
The first and the foremost thing that America is looking to do are to provide a congenial environment for the victims to break their silence and to report such matters then and there without any fear. The Government is looking at various ways that will help the victim to easily report about sexual acts or violence or harassment committed on them by military higher ups. Most of the victims who have reported such sexual acts committed on them have had to face some other type of vengeance. So, the foremost thing is to drive out the fear from the minds of these sexual assaults people and give them a platform where they can come freely to express their problems. If the opportunities of trust and commitment to justice are offered by the Government, then you can see a huge jump in the number of people reporting on the sexual assaults on them in the military.

military sexual misconduct
Repercussions On Civilians
These types of sexual assaults in the military are sure to lower the confidence that a common civilian has over the military in America.

  • Civilians look at the military as a model of conduct, service and discipline and if the military itself is on shaky foot, then how can the civilian trust the military of the country.
  • Young people who wanted to serve the country will now step back from joining the military feeling that they can be easy soft targets of sexual assaults in the military.
  • It is also highly important to identify such sexual predators and prevent them from joining this sacred and noble military profession.

Workable Reforms
Some of the positive modifications that the Congress can think about in order to drive away this sexual assault menace from the military is to provide utmost care to the person who reports sex crime in the military and to take away the privilege of prosecuting a sex crime in the military from the commander.