Carbon Dioxide Levels In The Atmosphere Are At Alarming Levels

Carbon Dioxide Levels

High Measure Of Carbon Dioxide Gas

There has been a steady increase in the amount of chief greenhouse gas called Carbon dioxide released in the atmosphere for quite some time now and this is a phenomenon that is seen in most of the major countries of the world. Scientists and researchers are now saying that the carbon dioxide levels in the atmosphere have hit a new high which has not been seen by humans so far. They fear that the release of these poisonous gases in the atmosphere will also help in the increase of global warming and the world will never be a safe and secure place to live in for future generations.

Recording In Hawaii
The oldest carbon dioxide monitoring station in Hawaii has recently measured an amount of 400 parts per million of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere and this is really an alarming figure which has never been witnessed so far. It is believed that the last time when such a worldwide carbon level was shown could have been about 2 million years ago and also during the Pleistocene Age. It was a much warmer climate than what we are used to these days and the sea levels were also much higher in those days and it ranged between 33 to 66 feet. Greenland was covered with dense forests during the Pleistocene Era. There are quite a few scientists who are of the opinion that the Earth had gone through such high levels of carbon dioxide content 10 million years ago. The number 400 recorded at the monitoring station was expected by the environmental activists as well as climate enthusiasts and were anticipating it to come sooner than later. The first measurement of the chief greenhouse gas was taken in 1958 at 315 parts per million and the levels are now growing at quite a rapid pace of about 2 parts per million. This is a real cause of concern for everybody and it has even grown 100 times quicker than at the end of the Ice Age.


Earlier Readings

The readings of the carbon dioxide gas in the atmosphere during the end of the Ice Age was about 200 parts per million and the levels reached about 280 parts per million before the commencement of the Industrial Revolution. The greenhouse gases are released in the gas also from the nature which comes from decomposition of the pants and animals as well as from volcanic eruptions. But, the main reason  for the alarming rise in the carbon dioxide levels in the atmosphere is due to man made machines and industries and if it was not for the oceans of the world the readings would have really skyrocketed by now.

Major Worry

  • The major worry among climate scientists and environmentalists is the speed at which the carbon dioxide levels in the atmosphere are increasing.

The animals and plants will be able to adapt to changing atmospheric levels if the carbon dioxide levels increases in the atmosphere at the rate of 100 parts per million over thousands or millions of years time.